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Judging for the Best Project Award

Aims and objectives of the Demo Fest

The Demo Fest is an event which will be held during the 2008 International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning. It provides a chance for participants to demonstrate their e-learning projects to all conference participants within a designated time slot. Examples of such work include e-learning tools, courseware, learning spaces, and other applications which make use of state-of-the art technology in providing solutions to enhance teaching and learning.

Unlike conventional paper presentations, the Demo Fest will take place in an open, casual and highly interactive environment. Presenters will demonstrate and discuss their e-learning projects to attendees, who will be able to move from project to project according to their own interest.


All e-learning projects presented at the Demo Fest are eligible for the Best Project Award. Participating projects will be judged by a panel, as well as by conference attendees.

Voting criteria for Best Project Award

Panel of judges

E-learning projects will be judged by a panel of three judges according to the following criteria:

1 User friendliness
Is the work easy to use? Are special skills needed to operate the device?
20 marks
2 Innovation and creativity
Is the work innovative/creative? Are there any similar products already available in the market?
20 marks
3 Appeal to learners
Is the design elegant? Is it attractive to users?
20 marks
4 Teaching and learning functions
Does the work help learners learn effectively? Can the work be easily adapted to teach or to learn different tasks?
20 marks
5 Overall impression of the work

Suggested judges: Prof. C M Leung, Sister Margaret Wong, Prof. Reggie Kwan.

The scores of the three judges will be added together, and the projects having the highest total scores will be ranked in order of first, second or third.

Voting by attendees of the conference

Each conference attendee will be given the right to vote for ONE best project according to their own criteria. The votes will be counted, and the projects with the highest number of votes will be ranked in order of first, second or third.

The votes given to each project by the panel and by the conference attendees will be averaged out. In the case of a tie, both the projects will receive the Best Project Award.