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The world around us is changing rapidly and so too are the environments in which we work and study. The increasing use of ICT in education is having a profound impact on our learning communities as traditional forms of learning and teaching are adapted and transformed into online and e-learning experiences or blended forms of learning and teaching. The physical spaces in which we work and study are also being adapted to our changing needs based on what we can now do online and new learning opportunities within and outside conventional institutional settings and work environments. The theme for this Conference focuses on these emerging technologies and how they are used to support innovative practices in existing and new virtual and physical spaces.

The Conference will include keynote addresses, paper presentations, workshops and demonstrations.

Conference theme

Papers are welcome on topics relevant to the Conference theme of 'Technology-enriched Learning Spaces' . These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Conference language

The Conference will be conducted in English. Some papers will be presented in Putonghua.