hong kong

7 July 2008 (2:30 - 6:00 pm), Open University of Hong Kong

This year's Conference is introducing an exciting new event called ‘Demo Fest'. Demo Fest gives participants a chance to demonstrate their e-learning work, for example, applications, courseware, learning spaces and e-teaching tools. We welcome a wide variety of work -- it can involve the use of state-of-the-art technology or it can just be a good solution to a problem.

Unlike conventional formal paper presentations, Demo Fest will take place in an open, casual and highly interactive environment. Attendees will be able to move from table to table to view demos of the e-learning projects, and talk to the designers and developers about their goals, the technologies they have used, the development process, and the challenges they have faced.

As a demo presenter, you will simply demonstrate and discuss your project, and answer any questions from attendees. You do not have to prepare any handouts or submit a paper. You may also visit any or all of the tables.

To be eligible to be a presenter, you must be an academic/technical staff member or a graduate/professional student at an educational institution or non-commercial organization. Demo Fest is not open to commercial vendors. Presenters need to provide a description of their e-learning work on the submission form. This description will be incorporated into the Demo Fest Guide.

All e-learning work presented at the Demo Fest will be in the running for the Best Project Award. Everyone has a chance to vote, including participants.

(Note: WiFi Internet, cable, electrical outlets for power, and furniture will be provided. Participants are required to provide their own laptop computers.)

Judging for the Best Project Award